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A registered nurse who creates lifesaving technologies for children


Our Story

Inventor and Registered Nurse, Maria Striemer, and Engineer, Grant Striemer developed and patented the Backseet Buddy device and mobile phone application after working in the emergency room and witnessing the detrimental effects of leaving a child in a hot car.


Maria decided that something had to be done about the increasing number of children that are forgotten in hot cars each year. In many cases these children die from heat exhaustion. Maria recognized that an invention to prevent this widespread tragedy needed to rely on habits already in place; checking one’s cell phone when a notification appears.

"Every 10  minutes, the temperature inside of a car in the sun increases by approximately 8 degrees. Children's bodies are unable to cool down the way an adult's body can because they do not perspire like adults, this causes the child to dehydrate and overheat 3-5 times faster than an adult. 

-Maria Striemer, RN

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