Device + Mobile App

Backseet Buddy + App

Backseet Buddy is a patented, innovative child car seat lifesaving technology comprised of a device that fits in the child car seat and mobile app that helps busy parents remember that their child is traveling with them.

Safe & Easy: Sits safely in any car seat with no additional steps needed after installing


User Friendly: As easy as 1-2-3... install the app and lace the device in the car seat. Multiple devices can be used with each phone with no need to pair each time you drive. Multiple phones can also be used with each device.


Non-intrusive: Does not interfere with Bluetooth music streaming and/or hands-free calling.


Granted Patent: System and Method to Detect the Presence of a Child in a Car Seat US Patent 9,564,036 

Designed for Apple iOS and Android (NOTE: During beta launch, product is only available with Apple iOS.)